Residential Property Sales

What we offer

Residential Property Sales

We offer end-to-end conveyancing, from preparation of the Section 32 Vendor Statement to post settlement reporting.  We take the time to ensure legal requirements are met and prepare all documents with CARE.  We liaise with your agent and lender and keep you informed each step of the way.

Selling your property can be a stressful period and we work hard to make sure that the transfer of your property is as efficient and stress free as possible.  Our licensed conveyancer will:

  •  Provide written confirmation of our costs
  • Undertake property enquiries and order necessary property searches (searches can vary according to property and / or client requirements)
  • Prepare of Section 32 Vendor Statements
  • Organise for the discharge of the existing mortgage registered on title
  • Review of Contract of Sale and explain any special conditions to clients
  • Confirm with your real estate agent that the full deposit has been paid by the due date
  • Prepare the Section 27 Release of Deposit Statement to request the early release of the deposit monies prior to settlement
  • Prepare State Revenue Office Duty Statement
  • Check the Statement of Adjustments and settlement statement prepared by purchaser’s representative
  • Advise purchaser’s representative of cheque details required for settlement
  • Arrange and effect settlement of matter via paper or electronic settlement though PEXA
  • Notify your real estate agent of settlement of matter
  • Draw the Notice of Disposition and notify rating authorities of the change of ownership of the property
  • Provide post settlement reporting to clients
  • If required, we can also prepare Contract for Sale of Real Estate or Auction Contract for Sale of Real Estate and Licence Agreements (not included in standard conveyancing costs)
  • $20 from our professional fees in your matter will be donated to a local or international charity

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Care Conveyancing are an online conveyancing service specialising in residential property transactions.

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